What does COVID-19 stand for?

Full form of COVID 19 – Covid-19 is not only a human virus but also an animal virus. This dangerous life destroying was first discovered in a domestic poultry in the 1930s. If the modern world will knows how this virus can change our whole lifestyle from development to least development country, surely they must took essential steps to prevent this virus.

In 2019, a pneumonia of unknown cause was reported at Chinese who country office. From that reporting time, who was trying to know the details about this virus which cause disease. At last WHO and Worlds best health specialists identify seven corona virus are known to cause disease in humans. 

From this Point, WHO realized to set up a new name for this pandemic. On February 11, 2020, in a press release, WHO explained whey new name is needed for this virus. They explained a logic reason- To enable discussion on disease presentation spread, transmissibility, severity and treatment.

The name Covid-19 is given by WHO February 11, 2020. This virus started in Wuhan, china late 2019. Besides, COVID 19 is an acronym, an abbreviated form, it has a meaningful full form in English and Bangle. Its full form stands for corona virus disease of 2019 From the word Corona- Co is taken, From Virus- Vi is taken, From Disease- Di is taken, From 2019- 19 is taken. Thus it makes COVID 19.