Meditation reduces the stress. It’ approach to refreshing and training our mind. Many meditation techniques are now available – so How to mediate is a common question for every eager people who wants to self-improved by the help of a life coach or at home.

Meditation helps us to identify what is our negative side and positive side. In this mediation I will discuss, about Buddhist mediations basic rules. Any one from the world can gain the inner peach by practicing this mediation and must gain stress free happy life. Our purpose is to make our mind peaceful.

It seems to be difficult that sit for hours without thinking anything. But gradually you may improves your meditative and visualize power.

So let’s start

Choose a quit place

Get comfortable

Start your timer

You can sit on any posture or any chair; if not possible you can do this by lying.

Close your eyes smoothly

Now start breathing/ focus to your breathe

Stop thinking; go to your inner world

Feel relax and give some positive autosuggestion to your mind

Live long, happy strong go young.

Now visualize what actually you want from your life. Make plan and think that you achieve your goal.