How to not fall in love

Falling in love is not a fault. It’s an automatic human behaviour. We all know love is the most valuable asset of a man’s life. More than thousands of couple fall in love today with some colourful dream. Again, more than thousands of couple break up their journey today only for the silly matter. Therefore, love is here, there and everywhere. Its powerful attractive feel changes our world. When any lover finds their love, they can change their world through positive lovable activities, But breakups make the world full of negative unlovable activities.

Maybe you are not enough aged for making relationships, maybe this is not the perfect time for you. Maybe you have a bad past, maybe you want to focus on your study, Personal life, career that’s why you don’t want to make any relationship and you won’t want to fall in love. You realized fall in love can diminish your full potential that’s why you are searching how to not fall in love.

Yes, you are in the right place. Read this article on how to not fall in love from start to finish, you must find out some catchy points which can help avoid fall in love. Here, I am going to discuss 6 proven steps that may help you not fall in love. So let’s start.

Point Number one: Reprogram your mind

Mind is the creator of all success and failures, relationships and breakups. Whatever you think on your mind becomes your reality. If you think your upcoming marital life, intimate time that spent with your girlfriend, staying an environment which is surrounding with couples, one hundred per cent chance is you are going to make a relationship with someone. Your main responsibility is to take full control over your own thinking and need to be focused on the things that are related to your personal goal. So reprogram your mind to not fall in love.

Point Number two: Focus on your personal Goal

Falling in love is not like a marathon. It’s as easy as 2+2 makes 4. But when you are completely focused on your personal goal, you don’t find any extra time to take further action like fall in love. For falling in love, you need to think about your partner. But your mental vibration is fully focused on your personal goal. It’s impossible to feel someone when you are focused on any task or activities. So, make your life beautiful. Focus on your personal goals.

Point number three: Stay busy

There is a quote- keep busy at some time. A busy person never has time to be unhappy. So get busy with your projects. Give full concentration on what you are doing now. Be there where you are. Make a list of things that is really important for your life. Fill your schedule with different activities. Probably your business doesn’t give you any extra time. That’s why you need to stay busy. Getting busy makes us happier.

Point Number four: Remember-You are committed with yourself.

Today you don’t want to make any type of relationships. This is a commitment. But you may think alternative in future. Remember you are committed with yourself. You have not any right to confuse yourself deciding different paths at different time. Always remember your decision is not to fall in love by any means. And you are committed with yourself keeping your words.

Point number five: Create Boundaries

In every relationship, there must have a limitation. Without limiting the types of relationship we may have to face unexpected situations. That’s why it is needed to create boundaries. Be clear with yourself who is your friend, who is your colleagues, who is your mate. By clarifying your relationships and creating boundaries you make the environment not to fall in love. However, if we know who is with me it lessens the possibility of falling in love. So keep an appropriate distance.

Point Number six: Get off of social media

Social media can ruin your whole plan. I think it’s a trap. Our brain, our mental situations are not remaining same all day long. Sometimes, brain wants to create enjoyment, but it doesn’t care about what is good for us and what is bad for us. So to keep our commitment we need to think about our social accounts. If you have not any official reason please delete your social account or unfriend all of your social female friends. Study shows a bunch of relationships are made with the medium of social media. So be alert and think about how to not fall in love.

I have a few more ideas but I shared the most using ideas that help many of us for not to fall in love. In conclusion, there is nothing needed at all, if you are keenly committed with yourself that you don’t want to fall in love. Let’s not fall in love.