How UBI-Q helps the risk of early miscarriage and infertility.

A man’s heart rate increases 150 to 175 beats per minute, clean fluid may begin to flow…… A healthy adult male can release approximately 1.2 billion sperm cells to the uterus. Out of 1.2 billion sperm cells, Only 1 sperm enters the ovum to fertilize.

Pregnant women are more likely to dream about babies. Pregnancy is the creation and development of a life with the whole gestation. As a result, a new dream begins with some new hopes. Time is so enjoyable to this couple – Romance is increasing day by day.

Dream to become a pregnant extremely common dream, especially for women. But infertility Turn all dreams into a nightmare. This infertility experience is caused by the problem with ovulation (The monthly release of an egg), structural problem, and unexplained infertility. More than 90% of male infertility cases are due to low sperm count, poor sperm quality. It is known to all that Women who can get pregnant but are unable to stay pregnant may also be infertile.

UBI-Q can make your dream into reality by reducing the risk of early miscarriage and infertility. UBI-Q is a ubidecarenone USP- a 60mg capsule and 100% bioavailable active trans-isomer. UBI-Q in female improves embryo cleavage and reduces cytoplasmic fragmentation which improves oocyte quality. UBI-Q in male increase sperm count, motility and also normalize sperm morphology which improves sperm quality

A Recent study shows UBI-Q improves and ensures 50% better ovulation and pregnancy outcome. UBI-Q plays a big role in female fertility support which makes the dream into reality. Romance is going on and the world is ready to see a happy mother and a happy smile.