How To Use Time Well

Time is the most valuable things in everyone’s life. But we are not serious about how to spend our time properly. That’s why we have to fall in trouble with our work or we don’t find enough time. If we are able to use our time properly or if we gather knowledge about time management techniques then our lives become easier more and more. Because if we are able to apply the time management techniques it means we find the remote control of our life to make a plan in every area of our life where need to give time. That’s why For organizing and planning our time we need to know the time management techniques process to divide our time between specific activities. Because better time management enables us to work smarter not harder.

So, please try to know the technique of time management. This technique may give you an excellent idea of how to manage your time. Here are 7 best time management techniques that I applied in my life and found excellent results. Not only me but also all the successful people in the world applied these techniques which are given below. 

1. Plan your day the night before

Writing your plan the night before brings a positive result than without writing. There is a popular myth is that one-minute spending in plan saves 10 minutes in work. All the successful people around the world make their plan the night before. Planning your daily activities before the night is one of the common habits of successful people. Additionally, If you plan your day before the night, your subconscious mind starts working with the plan. When you wake up in the morning, you might have found some creative idea of how to apply your plan the whole day long.

2. Have a to-do and don’t do list

We all know writing a list of tasks that need to be completed is called a to-do list. Typically, you need to list the whole things that are needed to do in the coming day. To do list decrease misuse of time.  All successful time management expert answered when they had asked- how to manage time that they definitely make a to-do list. Furthermore, Not only to-do list but also making a don’t do list is important for many of us. So You need to make a list of to-do and don’t do list. This time management tips must help you to manage your time properly.

3. Organize your work by priority

You can do a host of a task in a day. But if you identify which task is most beneficial and important for you than you could be able to finish those task at first. Every day we start with tons of task to complete. But all tasks are not the same importance. so we need to start a task which is an emergency and remains our first priority list. Only applying this method you might be able to complete the most important task at the beginning of the day. 

4. Break down big tasks

Surprisingly it’s true when we have a small amount task is possible to complete less than an hour we feel no stress. But sometimes we all have huge tasks to do. Without starting this task only thinking about this we get tired. So we misuse our precious time doing procrastination. To get rid of the huge task completion problem you can break down tasks on small fractions which is possible to complete about an hour. If we apply this point to multiply our huge task than you may realize that you are feeling the same encourage as you feel on a small task.

5. Eliminate Distractions

A recent study found that after getting distracted it takes approximately 23 minutes to come back. So it is easy to realize that when you get distracted, you lose productivity and total concentration in your work. To eliminate  distractions you need to take some steps:

  • Do not use browse social media.
  • Disconnect wifi unless it’s needed to work with
  • Switch aeroplane mode when starts your work
  • You can use a notice in front of your door if you have an office- Do Not Disturb.

6. Outsource Tasks

If you prioritize all tasks in your to-do list, you’ll find some tasks are urgent but not important. In this case, you can outsource this task someone who can complete this task for you. But remember, give this task only if you find someone who is the right person and skilful. When you are going to outsource this task, please provide clear instruction and be specific about the result you expect from that task. By doing this, you can outsource any task only focusing on the most important tasks.

7. Say no often that yes

Warren Buffet said once: Difference between successful and very successful people is that very successful people say no almost everything. One of the best time management techniques is saying  “No”. If you are thinking your career, office or personal life, make a list of your goal. When your goal doesn’t match with that proposal, please say no Warmly.

These are my 7 time management tips. If you can apply this time management techniques in your life, you must be benefited and can save your time for doing more and more task and also able to spend more time with your family.